Jam with your favourite bricks.

The Raspberry Pi LEGO Minifigure jukebox.


Musicfig makes your LEGO Minifigures play music using a Raspberry Pi and a LEGO Dimensions toy pad.

Each Minifigure is attached to a LEGO Dimensions NFC tag, which is assigned a music track from an MP3 file or Spotify song. Placing the Musicfig on the pad will cue the music just like a jukebox.

Jukebox control is not limited to LEGO minifigures. Disney Infinity characters, Amiibos, Skylanders, NFC tags, stickers or cards can become a Musicfig.

During song play, the LEGO Dimensions pad will light up for the duration of the song.

For Spotify members, Musicfig runs a local website which displays the currently playing track's album art, as shown on the right.

Musicfig is free and open source software. All you need to do is bring your own Raspberry Pi and LEGO Dimensions pad.

Complete installation instructions is available in the Medium article "My LEGO Minifigures Play Spotify".

Musicfig's now playing page.


A gallery of Musicfigs and their rigs. Tag your Instagram posts with #musicfig to feature in this gallery.


Complete installation instructions is available from the "My LEGO Minifigures Play Spotify" Medium article.

For a quick install with MP3 playback only, follow these steps: